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Access to Psychological Services

Norms and Standards and other important matters relating to Psychological Services in the Public Sector

Advocating for Psychology Services

South Africans face high levels of continuous trauma, barriers to social and economic wellbeing, and for some, the potentially disabling impact of mental illness. The National Mental Health Policy Framework and Strategic Plan 2013-2020 acknowledges the importance of promoting psychological wellbeing and preventing ill-health by setting targets for the prioritization of psychological services.  However, access to meaningful psychological care and support remains sub-optimal for the majority of South Africans.  Implementation of national minimal norms and standards of mental health care provision is suboptimal, including psychological care.  

This subgroup aims to raise awareness about the need to define a psychological service package and to improve access to public service psychologists and counselors to address the need for public mental health and wellbeing services.  The National Health Insurance funding model is set to change what and how public and private health services will be offered in South Africa in the near future, including psychological services.  The time is now to address our role in this new service structure.  

Please join us at the upcoming Congress for a roundtable to deliberate key actions to improve access to psychological care, teaching, training and research, within the proposed NHI-funded health system

Subgroup leads: Sharon Kleintjes, Daniel den Hollander and Anne-Kramers-Olen

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